The Carol Burnett Show:
The Lost Episodes

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In Such Good Company

Eleven years of laughter, mayhem, and fun in the sandbox

By Carol Burnett

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Recent appearances:

See Carol in Person!

December 11, 2017

Laughter and Reflection with Carol Burnett
Copley Symphony Hall
750 B Street
San Diego, CA 92101
Tickets on sale in September!

50th Anniversary Show!

Sunday, December3, 2017
7pm CT, 8pm ET

Carol in the News


A Little Help with Carol Burnett

Comedy legend Carol Burnett is coming to NETFLIX with a Little Help. (Many thanks to Michael Joseph Luzzi for the info) Read Article

Pilot Being Redeveloped by ABC

ABC has decided to redevelop the comedy pilot, tentatively titled "Household Name".
The vehicle has the comic prowess of both Carol Burnett and Amy Poehler attached with a slightly familiar approach to laughter. Read Article


Hear Julie Andrews, Christine Baranski, Carol Burnett sing 'Old Friends'

The old friends hit the stage together Wednesday for a surprise performance at the American Songbook Gala at Lincoln Center... Take a listen


ABC orders comedy pilot starring Carol Burnett

Carol Burnett could be returning to series TV, after ABC ordered a comedy pilot Thursday that would feature the legendary comedian as a star and executive producer. Read Article


Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett Reunite to Honor Leslie Moonves


Fifty years of the Carol Burnett Show

“CBS will be airing a retrospective salute to our show in the fall,” added Burnett. Read Article



Carol Burnett to star in Amy Poehler-produced ABC comedy pilot. Tug your ear if you're excited!


Carol Burnett is plotting her return to the small screen. The acclaimed comedian is set to star in an untitled multi-camera comedy from executive producers Amy Poehler and Michael Saltzman. (Many thanks to Michael Luzzi for the alert.) Read Article

Four Volumes of "The Best of The Carol Burnett Show"

Released by Time Life on Digital For the First Time Ever, Exclusively on iTunes. (Many thanks to Michael Luzzi for the link.) Read Article

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