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Click on thumbnail to see larger picture"Carol probably brings out the worst in me. We bonded the minute we first met and usually do wicked, silly, naughty things whenever we get together," Julie Andrews

I am a big fan of Julie Andrews, even before I knew who Carol was, and that has certainly been enhanced by their specials together. Marcella aka CarolBurnettFan.com 


News Articles

 My Friend Julie Andrews (1963 Good Housekeeping Magazine)

 My Friend, Carol Burnett By Julie Andrews (Good Housekeeping, January 1972) 

 A Whacky TV Caper(Look Magazine, June, 1962) PDF

Articles thanks to Michele Glaser

 Click here to read an excerpt from Julie's biography



& Carol: Together Again (1989)

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Video clips:

Old Friends opening song (3:36 min)
Old Friends ending song (3:11 min)
Mamas Rap (7:56 min)
(The rap is my favorite! These ladies got it going on.) 
Tea Party
(11:46 min)
(Warning, this tea party gets ugly, ha!)


Julie and Carol at Lincoln Center (1971)

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(for more photos visit www.julieandrews.org )

Video clips:

Opening (4:58 min)
Closing (6:46 min)

Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall (1962) 

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Video clips:

Opening (5:09 min)
Carol sings "In the Meantime"(4:28 min)
Pratt Family Singers (6:24 min)

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Carol was among several celebrities honoring Julie Andrews at the 2001 Ella Awards.  The award, named for singer Ella Fitzgerald, is given to singers whose contribution to the music world is equaled by a singer's humanitarian causes and community support.

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