Birthday Present for Betty White

Our dear Betty White died before she could reach her 100th birthday in just a couple of weeks. Social media is going viral with #BettyWhite and #BettyWhitechallenge. Someone came up with the wonderful idea of donating $5 to an animal shelter in Betty’s name on January 17, her birthday. If you love all that Betty gave the entertainment world and the animal world, please consider donating.

Author: Mairsile

Bestselling author of lesbian mystery/romance. Mairsile lives in the beautiful state of Arkansas, with an annoying tuxedo cat, an exploding walk-in closet, and a student loan that when paid back, would satisfy the national debt.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Present for Betty White”

  1. To Carol,
    I grew up in Rexford NY, the evening of The Carol Burnet show was one of the happiest times spent with family.
    You are an amazing fill hearted, so special funny woman, being so funny as a woman has given us “funny” girls
    A place. I am 65, lost my husband last year,still working through, but watching, listening to you elevates me still. LV and thank you, Nancy Hope


    1. Mrs. Hope, I am so sorry for your loss. It’s not an easy thing, I know. But you should know that Ms. Burnett is not on social media and will not see your post. Like you, I am a fan of Carol’s and this website is my tribute to her. Marcella


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